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Perhaps there are few shoe shops in the world that is willing to sell "one shoe."

What might surprise you more is that this idea is not from the shop owner, but from the observation that every customer has his or her own style.

And this is NineShop99. Have you fallen in love with our cute stuff? Have you already bought it, hahaha? NineShop99 is a mini shoe store. The cartoon prints and colorful colors inside the shop are really cute and they can bright up your day.

If you buy our stuff, Then we become friends. No matter where you are, happy or sad Just look at our cartoons and you will know that ‘we’ are by your side


Our Story What is the greatest opportunity in your life? Mam and San are the founders of NineShop99. They believe that the greatest opportunity in life is to give themselves an opportunity to walk out of sorrow, to move forward, and even if get frustrated, they will stand up again.

Parents divorced, the father remarried, mother depressed, and herself a middle-school drop out... This child had no family and no one to rely on, with a hopeless future... It sounds very much like the Korean TV drama, with Mam playing the heroine and acting the sadness. In fact, this is a real story very difficult to bear for any one. Now, with pink hair and brown skin, Mam is the owner of NineShop99.

However, the greatest tragedy in life she had to face to the moment when she lost her little daughter: she was deeply depressed and thought of suicide. Difficult as it was, she finally managed to walk out of the sorrow. She knew she must move forward for herself and her son. She began to paint her story in cartoon. It was as if she could resurrect the child by painting. Every time she draws the child, she feels her daughter was growing up in another world. With a smile face and lively eyes the painting of the child appear on clothes, bags, shoes, and so on, making these products look very vivid. Now that you understand the story of this store, it symbolizes a mother's love for her child. Child is the strength that moves her live forward Another child is the source of inspiration for her work


The inspiration from her story before…… She had an incomplete family She had only elementary school education She once worked and earned only THB 135 a day She needed to take care of her mom and her son now…… She is an artist, a businessman, and has her own brand She understands the nature of life, ups and downs from birth to death, no one can escape. She is not afraid of failure, and she herself started from zero

She experienced countless failures, both in life and in business But she never give up!

On Her Own Hands, The Creation of A Brand Mam shared her experience of doing business, letting others to learn her

From the Simplest With very little fund and some skills in Thai painting, she first bought some second-hand items such as jeans, bags, etc., and painted on those things. These ordinary stuff became six times as valuable through her craftsmanship!

Opportunity in Crisis On the first day of Chiang Rai's opening, her income was only 9 baht, but the store was her happiness. So she used the name 'Nineshop99' ('9' is the auspicious number for Thailand) , because ‘9’ meant moving forward and not giving in.

Listening to Customers All the customers who bought shoes at Nineshop99 felt happy and could choose what they like and mix them according to their own style. Besides, it is also very important to catch the trend.

Joining Associations Joining associations related to our products gives us opportunities. For example, cooperating with other businessmen, participating different exhibitions, and getting more information can help improve business

Always Maintain a Childlike Innocence You should keep part of your thoughts and soul to your childish innocence, let yourself be like half a glass of water, always ready to fill more knowledge. Learning is endless!


Where is the happiness? The answer to this philosophical question, in fact, is very simple. Mam said, "Happiness is in your own hands." All things are up to yourself. How do you look at your life and how do you face it? If you think it is bitter, you can't get rid of pain, but if you think it is a kind of happiness, you can live it. If we can get rid of the pain, we will feel very proud to live a more meaningful life and learn lessons from it. I hope happiness will always be with you. 

Best wishes

Mam and San





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